Business Coach

How It Works?

Sana Digital looks into the Development of Business which includes improving on the following:

  • Improving the hygiene of the current team, with respect to revenue growth in business.
  • Appointing the new business development team and channels.
  • Strategic planning to grow the Top line/Bottom Line of the organization, depending upon the Products/Services to be focused.
  • Enlarging the Coverage of Business in Different Geographical regions, based on priorities, as per plan.
  • Induction, Training and envisaging a Go- to – Market Strategy with the current and new team.
  • Planning and implementing Systems & Process to increase in the overall productivity of the organization.


We provide Sales Coaching for Small and Medium Enterprises along with Corporate and Hospitality Industry. We Undertake:

We conduct tailor made skill enhancement training, turnkey projects and retainer based consultancy services that are broadly categorized as follows.

  • Team building and motivation
  • Goal setting / Planning
  • Systems and Processes
  • Target achievement planning
  • Out of the box ideas rooted in common sense
  • Market research and analysis
  • Process and strategy innovations


Our Client Profiles Include:

  • Startups with great ideas that need to devise go to market strategies.
  • GenX, GenY driven businesses that are looking for exponential growth in their family / traditional businesses.
  • Businesses that need some surgically precise know how to enhance processes.
  • Businesses those feel threatened by the burgeoning online retail.


Our Scope of Work:

  • Transform the individual and collective mindset of your sales team. How they behave, how they respond to events, colleagues, their outward environment.
  • Make them believe about themselves, their ability, their customers and potential customers.
  • Gives them the right tools to identify the psychological patterns of your customers and potential customers so they can connect with them at a deeper level and achieve more sales.
  • Give them a set of practical sales tools to build better rapport, create deeper customer connections, ask better questions, and develop greater flexibility, close more deals.
  • Give them Ideas and tools to accelerate the current Sales Figures.
  • Personal Coaching and mentoring.